The program of the day



There’s a gorgeous and diverse mix of workshops to choose from. Create your own program for the day and remember:

It’s OK to skip a workshop and simply chill (we have a space for that) or visit the pop up shops or take a walk outside if that is what you need to have a great day! We hope to welcome you to the festival.

09.30 doors open


Feel free to come early and take some time to land, have a cup of tea, find your way around. We recommend you arriving at least ten minutes before the program starts.


10.00 opening circle & practicalities


We start the day together in a circle. It’s the moment where the organizers of this day welcome you, where teachers and speakers present themselves, and where we tell you about the practicalities of the day.

11.00 workshops round 1

Wat wil ik nou echt? Dutch

Consent is zoveel meer dan alleen maar “ja” en “nee” zeggen. Want hoe weet je eigenlijk wat je wel en niet wil? Hoe voelt dat in je lijf? En hoe communiceer je daarover? Tijdens deze workshop leer je de communicatiestijl van je lichaam beter kennen, zodat je bewustere keuzes kan maken over wat je wel en niet wilt doen. We gaan verlangzamen, tijd en ruimte nemen om te voelen en zo een authentiekere connectie opbouwen met onszelf en de ander.
Aanraking kan onderdeel zijn van de workshop, maar is afgebakend op de hand en de onderarm.

teacher:  Sinsia – The Queer Sex Coach (they/she)

Cuddle Workshop

Come and express your needs and wants. Celebrate your Yes and No in this cuddle workshop. Explore new patterns of intimacy. Dive deeper, experiment with touch or just come and snuggle!

A cuddle workshop is not just about cuddling. It is also about connection, boundaries and authentic relating. You are free to choose whether you really want to connect. Nothing is mandatory. We build up slowly. You first take time for yourself and then carefully make contact with the other person. We explore our personal boundaries step by step in a playful and accessible way. The focus in this workshop is on loving attention and is of a non-sexual nature.

In this workshop we explore intimacy beyond traditional gender norms and expectations. All types of bodies are welcome. All types of abilities and disabilities are welcome. We create an open and welcoming space for each and every participant. Come as you are.

teacher Piero Flor  (no pronoun)

Let’s talk about… intimacy & expression

A panel. Dialogues. Unusual meetings and conversations. Exploring and discovering.

We will explore the pillars of the festival: authentic connection, radical inclusion, celebrating expression and courageous intimacy.

We will ask our panel questions, and so can you. Questions regarding the pillars and also about theme’s and groups near and dear to the hearts of our panelists (more about that closer to the start of the festival). We will also be dialogueing in smaller groups and have in depth and intimate conversations. Because words and conversations are important parts of intimacy.  Check the teachers page for more info about our panelists.

Panelists  Tony Fonderson (he/him), Legien Warsosemito (she/her), Remke Verdegem (she/her), and Roni Zaftig (they/them)  panel host: Lione Mirca (she/her).

12.45 Lunch Break

You can eat the lunch you brought with you, share what you brought for lunch potluck style with your (new) friends or get something to eat in the neighborhood.

P.S. Did you know that during the whole day  there will also be some great pop up shops

13.45 workshops round 2

Do me consensually

Consent is sexy, right? When we feel safe, heard, and acknowledged in our boundaries and desires, there is more to feel and more to play. Imagine getting exactly what you want. The place on your body, the pressure, the intention. And all of that with someone’s full focus. How does that make you feel?

In this workshop, we will exercise our communication muscles by playing in the ways we choose. We will start with a brief inner exploration of what we long to give and receive before there is the opportunity to actually play with others. What would you like to do to me, or let me do to you? We play in groups of two, sometimes more. You can do all exercises on your own, and although you can, consensually, take some clothes off, undies stay on.

teacher: Wilrieke Sophia (they/them) 

Tantra – Dutch

Intimiteit is in tantra een breed begrip dat veel verder gaat dan wat wij – zeker in het Nederlands – er vaak onder verstaan. Daar wordt het meestal gezien als iets met ‘dichtbij een ander mens zijn’.
Je zou kunnen zeggen: ‘Tantra is about being intimate with the whole of reality’. Oftewel: tantra nodigt je uit om ‘nabij’ te zijn met alles wat zich in het leven aandient. Dat betekent dat je je ervaringen en gevoelens niet wegdrukt of op een armlengte afstand houdt. Maar evenmin laat je jezelf verdrinken in de verhalen die je over je ervaringen hebt. Dit pure ‘nabij zijn’ kan je uiteindelijk tot een staat van non-dualiteit brengen waarin je geen afgescheidenheid meer ervaart. En dat is een hele fijne en liefdevolle staat om in te verkeren .

Aan het begin van deze workshop doen we een korte maar diepgaande meditatie die we de rest van de workshop met ons meenemen. Zo kun je ‘intimiteit’ op een nieuwe manier gaan ervaren bij alles wat je doet. Of dat nu een dans is, een ontmoeting met een ander mens of tijdens de tantrameditatie die we gaan doen waarbij we alle polariteiten laten samensmelten in één groot hart.
Je ontmoet in deze workshop verschillende mensen en de kleren blijven aan.

teacher: Wendy Doeleman (she/her)

Dragging workshop  (note: starts 13.30!)

Dragging workshop (note: starts 13.30!)

This workshop (max 20 participants) is about exploring new ways of looking at and experiencing queerness as a subjective point of relating to one’s body. Drag breaks gender stereotypes and hopefully avoiding to make new ones. We will be focusing on letting the stereotypes go and tuning into our senses.

The workshop consists of two parts. We will start with a short performance + Dutch drag history. After a short break, we will explore what drag means to us, and what elements of ourselves we would like to give a bit more space to express and play with that.

Note: at the end, we will be playing with makeup, no obligation but you may get more out of the workshop if you do.

teacher:  Taka Taka (they/them)

15.30 short break

15.45 workshops round 3

Ritual Play – Dutch

Ben je toe aan een ‘change of energy’? Wil je het concept ‘spelen’ wel eens opnieuw onderzoeken? Je zou Ritual Play ook Impulse Play kunnen noemen, omdat het helemaal gebaseerd is op wat er in jou leeft en wat zich wil uiten in het moment, non-verbaal.  Het ‘spel’ speelt zich af op een mat met jou en de ander; de dynamiek tussen jullie blijft steeds opnieuw een verrassing omdat jullie spelen vanuit je impuls. 

“The beauty of Ritual Play is that the participants learn how to play. That is huge. Generally, when you are close to people physically and/or you are having sex, you have a goal. And everybody working with tantra and intimacy will say “don’t have a goal.” But nobody teaches you HOW to not have a goal, what to do instead. Ritual Play teaches you that. Plus, it is fun, really fun.” Dr. Betty Martin, sexuality and touch coach, practitioner trainer, founder of The Wheel of Consent.

teacher: Arati Bonte (she/her) 

Tantra – Melting into one

Ever felt like you were outside of a group? Different from others?
In this workshop we will explore intimacy as a group. That magic and mystery of multiple. Starting with yourself. Tapping into the power of your authentic, unique you and then melting into the layers of the group. Exploring diversity, connection, coherence, grounding and opening up into the soft sensing blissful potential of stepping into the collective. 

Connective Bondage

Do you like connecting in a different way? Then this workshop might be for you. The Connective Bondage workshop will be about connecting with your partner, to your desires or even more shadowy parts.

We will be using a rope as a means to connect and play. We will be trying out a couple of very simple techniques to get you started and then play around with different dynamics. The workshop will be beginner friendly so no previous experience is required. It will also involve touch and quite a bit of bodily contact. It is explicitly not a BDSM workshop.


teacher: Martijn Gorree  (he/him)

17.30 closing of the day program

We end the Intimacy Festival together, just like how we started it: all together.

18.00 dinner (optional)

Just like with lunch you can eat what you brought for yourself, share potluck style with your (new) friends or get something to eat at the bar or in the neighborhood. 

19.00 Time to dance!

gift: evening program by Odessa Muiderpoort


This part of the day is a free gift from Odessa Muiderpoort to you. For this part of the day the doors open to people who come to only this event – so you may see fresh faces! Check out their website to discover the program of the evening here! Scroll down to the right date (and right Odessa location). There will be ecstatic dance, roller skate ecstatic dance and more.

At the top floor there is an all-day space called ‘Lounge’ exclusively for Intimacy Festival attendants who want to chill out, chat, get/give a sexy tarot reading or more. From 19-21h there will be spaceholders present for you to have a talk, a hug, or whatever you need!


23.00 time to go home 🙂

Doesn't this just make you want to jump right in?