Goodies! Pop-Up Shops!



We have selected some of our favorite shops and information booths for you. These pop-up shops are all run by local entrepreneurs, queer folks who dedicate heart and soul to their offerings. You can try some of their products, or order some of your favorite books, toys, cards etc and pick them up at the festival – saving you shipping costs!

Tailbone Shop

Roni Zaftig (she/they) put their sex geekiness and love for design together when they opened Tailbone, a sex-positive shop for curious folks. The shop centers Queer lived experiences, inclusive sex education, and independent makers.


Currently, Tailbone exists online with a physical showroom in Rotterdam and several local pop-ups. Roni’s goal is to empower people from all walks of life to feel sexually self-expressed no matter where they are on their journey.


Roni will be at the Intimacy Festival with a Tailbone pop-up with lots of goodies, from books to toys. As a gift to everyone attending, they is offering a 10% discount code BEINTIMATE23 for people who want to order something online and pick it up at the Festival. 

Tailbone Shop on Instagram > 

Wild Weirdo Creations

Wild Weirdo Creations is a queer independently run studio based in Amsterdam, handcrafting a wide range of unique floggers, whips, and fetish wear proudly made from recycled materials!

The Wild Weirdo’s studio also provides the service of a tiny barber shop; dishing out classic dapper cuts. 
Stop by the Wild Weirdo Creations pop-up shop for a fancy flogger or a fresh cut!

Etsy Shop >

Ramzart on Instagram >

ERos Heathen

Photographer ERos Heathen (he/him) is our home photographer for the festival – ánd he will create a photo corner, where you can explore your intimacy in front of the camera. Maybe you have never been photographed professionally before, or maybe you were and you want to share your poses and experiences with the group. You can join by yourself or with your partner or in a small group.

There will be a digital mini-exposition of a selection of photos during the festival. This way all participants can admire you and others. The photos will be deleted after the festival, unless you are okay with (some of) the photos being used for ERos Heathen’s portfolio. You can also decide to have (more of) your photos selected and edited afterwards for a small commercial funding.

ERos Heathen on Instagram > 


Katrien van der Hagen (she/her) is a goldsmith with a small studio in Utrecht who makes jewellery from recycled silver and gold. She loves telling stories through jewellery, whether it is your story or a story that she believes is important to tell, like the story of the clitoris.

She will be attending the Intimacy Festival with her Clitorious collection. You can not only buy jewellery in the shape of a 3D model of the clitoris but also posters, postcards and other fun stuff with illustrations and information about the clitoris. The clitoris is the only body part strictly meant for pleasure and it’s time to celebrate this beautiful organ. (soon)

Katrien on Instagram >

Vegan cakes by Baru & Jessie

Baru is a chef, student of Ayurveda – ancient wisdom of life – and Ayurvedic nutritional and lifestyle coach. Her passion is implying principles of Ayurveda in cooking, service and daily life.
Jessie is a para veterinary and animal lover who works in a wildlife rescue centre in Southern Sumatra. Among her friends, Jessie is known for making delicious vegan desserts for any occasion. Together, Jessie and Baru will prepare a variety of divine vegan cakes for you to enjoy during the festival.
What are we serving?
  • Bliss Balls
  • Coconut Bounty Cake
  • Spiced Carrot Cake
  • Indian Lentil Soup

You will find us at the bar of Odessa!


Sally & Thirza

Sally (she/her) has initiated the ‘Theetuin’ on Kraaybeekerhof, a biodynamic estate, where she and the team serve delicious sweet treats and lunches in a wonderful garden and hosts different events (concerts, ecstatic dance, yoga, clothing exchanges, and different workshops). She only works with organic ingredients and prefers to use fresh vegetables from the garden. Next to being a vega(n) cook and yogi, her passion lies with human rights & health and sexuality. For the last fifteen years, she has been working on sex worker and LGBTI rights, and during this work, she met Thirza.
Thirza (she/her) loves to eat. Together with her daughter Gemma of 6 years, they bake the most beautiful creations. She has a thing for cookbooks. Thirza also likes to travel to discover worldly cuisine. Her favourite cuisines are Vietnamese, Nigerian and Caribbean. Thirza and Sally are colleagues and have been working together for over 8 years. Thirza works with and serves the community’s most affected by HIV/AIDS. She advocates for equal rights and access to health.
Sex/intimacy and food and a golden combination. Together we will bring lovely cakes and pies (vegan chai cupcakes, orange pie), quiche and different toast.

Martijn Kookt

Martijn de Jong (he/him): Colorful, frivolous, loving, passionate, light-hearted. I’m walking the path of ease and fun, spending my time and energy to co-create on matters of social connection, with food as a main serving component. One of my favourite spaces is the kitchen; to cut and blend, to taste and dance with all the ingredients the earth is providing us. On this occasion, the Intimacy Festival, I’ll be flanked by the incredible Joyce Vanes (she/her) whose talents on creating and loving are exquisite. We go on an Indian tour: curries, delicately balanced, creamy and rich with homemade chutneys and some savoury spicy and crunchy snacks with salsa are on the menu. Homemade Kombucha with a twist of ginger completes it.

Martijn’s website > (under construction)


Information & Activism

There will also be a table where all the teachers can leave their flyers, so you can do more with them if you want to. We will also be having an info table with folders, links, resources, sites etc that we feel are important to be shared with our community.