This is what the Intimacy Festival is about

If anything, the last years have made it very clear how important human connections are. A smile, a hug, a wonderful conversation, maybe a kiss or a long, slow massage. That’s what intimacy is for us: real, authentic, interactions from the heart.

What is Intimacy for you? Is it making love, is it scary, is it appealing? Is it something you have longed for, or maybe something you don’t know is for you?

Whatever intimacy means to you – being welcomed by another person is something we all long for, right? 

Being with other people doesn’t automatically mean that you will experience belonging and feel happy. Intimacy needs more than that: it needs that there is consent, that you feel safe and welcome.

This is what this weekend is all about. 

The Intimacy Festival is a concept where the most amazing leaders in our fields gather together to share their favorite tools, workshops, art, and music – and offer that to you.

These are the pillars of the Intimacy Festival

 Authentic Connection

When we pretend anything else that what we feel in a moment, we create a certain distance in a connection. The more real and vulnerable we are, the closer to each other we can get. Sometimes that connection can be a smile, other times that may be sadness, insecurity or just not knowing at all.

Radical Inclusion

We want everyone to feel welcome here, regardless of the gender you identify with, your queerness, ability, cultural background, age, neurodiversity, or favorite flavour of icecream. We actively stand for inclusion, against discrimination, ableism, racism, mysoginy, homophobia, etc.

Celebrating Expression

People come in all sizes and shapes, preferences, looks, habits and favorite colors. This festival invites you to be exactly that: you. Whether you come in your unicorn onesie, glitter nail polish, high heels, a business suit or anything else: you do you, and we’ll celebrate that!

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Meet your host: Wilrieke Sophia

Ask my friends to describe me and they will say courageous, adventurous, wise, and with a huge, loving heart. They may say I’m a little crazy too, with an urge to give people a little nudge and do what it takes to support them to get where they want to be – even if that needs some gentle provocation or bold confrontation – always respectfully and consensually of course!

I’m the founder and CEO of Exploring Deeper and the certified cuddle workshop brand Cuddle Workshops International. I host workshops, retreats, and professional training in the broad realms of intimacy, from cuddle workshops to conscious kink, to eclectic neo-tantra and sexy play spaces. I work together with some amazing people like Reid Mihalko, Betty Martin, Monique Darling and Rupert Alison. I dedicate part of my time to creating free materials making the fields of intimacy safer, and supporting victims of abuse. In 2019 I was a speaker for TEDx.

Wilrieke is a unique facilitator who knows how to create safety. They help to create an inclusive, vulnerable and empowered new world by teaching people how to feel into their bodies, communicate their boundaries and act on their longings and needs. Magic guaranteed! Wilrieke’s workshops come highly recommended if you want to grow as a person, with all that you are.”

I identify as queer, use the pronouns they/them, consider myself non-monogamous, kinky, neuro-atypical, and as mother of three.

Why this festival?

Because as a society, we long for connection, belonging, feeling together, being together. Especially now! Let’s celebrate coming together.

Because there are so many amazing facilitators. Teachers, speakers, performers, entrepreneurs with their products. Some you may know because of their long resume – others are fresh and promising. They all deserve a stage!

Because it’s time to broaden our horizons.

… because we, ánd the world, can use some love.


Why you want to be there…

There are so many reasons, let’s name a few 🙂

  • Because you will learn so much about intimacy, love and connection. Our facilitators will share knowledge, wisdom and tools that will enrich your life and bring you numerous OMG’s.
  • Because you get to follow workshops for a whole day that will nourish your body and soul.
  • Because you are welcomed, no matter how much of an outcast you may feel in daily life.
  • Because you get the chance to meet amazing people and make new friends!
  • Because new connections will support you living your best life.
  • Because we all got our fair share of challenges lately. How can you deal with this?
  • Because meeting like-minded people is FUN!
  • Because we bring together different communities in a lovely and juicy blend!
  • Because you get to try new things – and bring them home!

… and because spending a day together may nourish you for months!

Wide range of topics

We promise you a wide range of topics in the realm of intimacy. From consent, to different flavors of tantra, to cuddles, sexuality, a gentle dose of kink and bodywork. All this given by a diverse range of educators who walk their talk.

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More than workshops

We have invited different pop up stores who know what radical inclusion and celebrating expression means. Try stuff, listen to their stories, ask your questions, and maybe get yourself some amazing products! 

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Great Teachers & Speakers

We curated an amazing list of teachers with diverse backgrounds. Our teachers are experts on the fields of sexuality, relationships, science, love, non-monogamy, tantra, shibari, and dealing with challenges.

Check our teachers >

This festival is for you if…

  • you are curious about other people and yourself
  • you are shy and insecure, but longing for connection
  • you want to express yourself in your own way and look for a place to do so
  • you wonder whether you are too old or too young. You’re not! (At least, as long as you are 18+. Did you know we have teachers and speakers who are 60+ years old?)
  • you might need quiet moments in between experiences
  • all these things are entirely new to you – or if you are well-seasoned
  • you identify as straight, hetero, queer, cis, trans, non-binary, bi, gay, a, or anything else
  • you come alone or bring friends!

This festival is NOT for you if…

  • you think intimacy is just about sex and you will find that here easily
  • you accept only two genders, are homophobic, trans-phobic and wish to express your opinions loud and wide
  • you are not willing to accept another person’s ‘no’